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Autumn update September 22, 2020 - Happy FALL You All!

Bike shops are busier than ever and Cycle Fit is no exception!  Part time and full time help wanted - call John at 610-876-9450 if interested.

As for club rides, we have a limited number of them and they are still preregistration only, but as of last week we've upped the maximum riders to 10.   Masks should be worn at the start, finish and any other time when physical distance cannot be maintained.  To join a ride, please follow the instructions given by your ride leaders on the hunt calendar. 

Be safe!!  If you’ve recently traveled or possibly been exposed to covid, please do not join a ride.  Per the latest news, the 6’ distance at rest is probably not enough, so be very aware of your proximity to other riders.  If we act as though we all have it, taking safety precautions seriously, our chances of contracting the virus are greatly diminished.   And finally, if you test positive for Covid after having been on a club ride, please contact your ride leader so they can inform anyone who was exposed.

Questions or concerns may be directed to myself ( or another board member; contact info is available on our website.  Thank you for the support you've shown this board.  

Marian Venturini
President, DVBC


Join now.  Your membership will be effective until April of 2021

If you have been riding with us or are a member of Meet-Up (but not yet a dues paying member), this is a great opportunity to join the club & get to know the DVBC Members!!!!    Click here to join now 
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