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Message from our President - June 14, 2020

During an ad hoc DVBC Board video meeting on June 11, 2020, we adopted guidelines in light of COVID-19 to permit a resumption of group rides. Starting on June 17 our group leaders will start posting rides on our calendar. The COVID-19 mitigation strategies adopted by the Board were created after reviewing both medical recommendations and those of USA Cycling and the precaution measures put in place by other cycling groups in our region. 

To be clear, our rides are going to look much different for the foreseeable future. Your Board remains mindful that the risk of Coronavirus has not changed since we learned about it earlier this year. As a result, we are balancing the risk of exposure with the protections outlined in our guidelines, including requiring riders to sign up before the ride, a 6 rider maximum for a group, and various social distancing measures.  We encourage every rider to read our Guidelines prior to signing up for a ride. Group Ride Guidelines - 2020

We have updated our ride waiver and are requiring that all participants acknowledge and agree that riding in a group can increase the rider’s chances of contracting COVID-19. 

Directions on how to do this can be found here:  Re-signing of Waiver and Liability form instructions

The Board would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these challenging times. We also want to thank USA Cycling, SCU, BCP and NYCC as well as our own Club member medical professionals from whom we shamelessly cribbed, sometimes in whole, their ideas and guidance. We look forward to seeing you and encourage all our members to have fun, stay healthy and be safe.

Marian Venturini
President, DVBC


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